Emmanouel A. Giakoumakis

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The rapid development of new learning algorithms increases the need for improved accuracy estimation methods. Moreover, methods allowing the comparison of several different learning algorithms are important for the performance evaluation of new ones. In this paper we propose new accuracy estimation methods which are extensions of the k-fold cross-validation(More)
Context: Null-checking conditionals are a straightforward solution against null dereferences. However, their frequent repetition is considered a sign of poor program design, since they introduce source code duplication and complexity that impacts code comprehension and maintenance. The Null Object design pattern enables the replacement of null-checking(More)
In modern heterogeneous environments, such as mobile, pervasive and ad-hoc networks, architectures based on web services offer an attractive solution for effective communication and inter-operation. In such dynamic and rapidly evolving environments, efficient web service discovery is an important task. Usually this task is based on the input/output(More)
The rollout of 3G networks coincides with the emergence of a variety of wireless access technologies (IEEE 802.11x, Bluetooth, etc.) supporting high bitrates in restricted areas and being complementary to wide coverage mobile networks. Integration of the different wireless access technologies is the general trend towards 4G. Our work focuses on the area of(More)
Context: The automated identification of code fragments characterized by common design flaws (or ‘‘code smells’’) that can be handled through refactoring, fosters refactoring activities, especially in large code bases where multiple developers are engaged without a detailed view on the whole system. Automated refactoring to design patterns enables(More)
Multi-radio mobile communication devices are increasingly gaining market share due to the diversity of currently deployed and continuously emerging radio access technologies. Multi-homing support in multi-radio terminals, i.e., simultaneous use of two or more radio interfaces, provides improved user experience through increase in available bandwidth(More)
We present a tool that combines two main trends of knowledge base refinement. The first is the construction of interactive knowledge acquisition tools and the second is the development of machine learning methods that automate this procedure. The tool presented here is interactive and gives experts the ability to evaluate an expert system and provide their(More)
Open Source Software (OSS) often relies on large repositories, like SourceForge, for initial incubation. The OSS repositories offer a large variety of meta-data providing interesting information about projects and their success. In this paper we propose a data mining approach for training classifiers on the OSS metadata provided by such data repositories.(More)
The problem of network selection in a heterogeneous radio access environment has been extensively studied from the perspective of a single-homed mobile terminal. This work approaches the problem by assuming a multihomed mobile host reachable through multiple global IP addresses that are bound to its various radio interfaces. In the context of a multihomed(More)