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A case-control study of Alzheimer's disease (AD) was conducted to evaluate the roles of family history of dementing disease and AD, and medical conditions, particularly those related to the viral and immune hypotheses in AD. One hundred and eighty-three clinically diagnosed patients were identified between 1980 and 1985 through the Geriatric and Family(More)
Maternal antibodies reactive with antigenic proteins expressed on the cell surface of paternal lymphocytes can be detected in couples with histories of more than one miscarriage or stillbirth. It is possible, but not proven, that these antibodies also react with tissues of the fetus and result in fetal death. Since many mothers of autistic children have a(More)
The authors divided 61 subjects with primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer's type into a group who also met DSM-III criteria for depression (N = 28) and a group who did not (N = 33). Both groups were randomly assigned to an 8-week double-blind trial of imipramine or placebo. Scores on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, administered at(More)
The effect of prophylactic treatment with depot antipsychotic drugs was examined in 16 patients with bipolar affective disorder. The frequency and duration of illness episodes occurring during depot treatment was compared to that which occurred when these patients were treated with other agents over a corresponding time period. Treatment with depot(More)
A double-blind study evaluated the impact of imipramine on cognitive function in 61 patients with Alzheimer's disease. Twenty-eight patients had coexistent depression and dementia; 33 had dementia only. All were randomly assigned to an 8-week trial of imipramine or placebo. For both depressed and nondepressed subjects, the effect of imipramine on cognition(More)
OBJECTIVE Over the past decade there has been an upsurge of interest in the prevalence, nosological position, treatment response and pathophysiology of catatonia. However, the psychopathology of catatonia has received only scant attention. Once the hallmark of catatonia, speech disorders--particularly logorrhoea, verbigeration and echolalia--seem to have(More)
Recently there has been a surge in the number of green roofs and façades (vegetation on the roofs & walls of a building) installed in the UK, with advocation of their use by policy-makers and claims that they are aesthetically pleasing and promote restoration. But these claims rely on generalisations from different landscapes, raising concerns about(More)
Field size distributions and their changes have not been studied over large areas as field size change datasets are not available. This study quantifies agricultural field size changes in a consistent manner using Landsat satellite data that also provide geographic context for the observed decadal scale changes. Growing season cloud-free Landsat 30 m(More)
Cars dominate most urban environments whereas walking and cycling are declining. The negative effects of increased car use on air quality and road safety are well documented. This paper examines whether travel mode use may also affects communities by influencing social perceptions. We hypothesise that car use is negatively related to perceptions. Social(More)
Energy Programme, RESOLVE aims to unravel the complex links between lifestyles, values and the environment. In particular, the group will provide robust, evidence-based advice to policy-makers in the UK and elsewhere who are seeking to understand and to influence the behaviours and practices of 'energy consumers'. The working papers in this series reflect(More)
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