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Search, retrieval, and management of multimedia contents are challenging tasks for users and researchers alike. We introduce a software-hardware system for the global management of the multimedia contents produced by Spanish Civil Courts. The ultimate goal is to obtain an automatic classification of images and segments of the audiovisual records that,(More)
Semantic Search and Ontologies are one of the key technologies that can improve content management. Nonetheless, in order to be widely diffused, these technologies lack real-time capabilities, that speed up both the indexing and the retrieval processes. This contribution presents the approach and strategy proposed to tackle this problem, within the Spanish(More)
This paper summaries the work done during the first months of the ACILA project. The summary contains an overview of the project and the main problems in argumentation as well as related previous research. It presents the first experiments done to automatically classify arguments in texts and the conclusions reached, and also the next approaches that will(More)
The regulatory framework of the audiovisual sector in Spain can be defined as huge, disperse, and obsolete. The first part of this paper provides an overview of the major challenges of the Spanish audiovisual sector as a result of the convergence of platforms, services and operators. In the second part, we will present an example of self-regulation through(More)
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