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Exploring the vulnerability of asylum seekers in the UK
Asylum seekers living in the UK are identified as a vulnerable group in contemporary society. Empirical results from in-depth interviews are drawn upon in the paper to uncover the everydayExpand
New issues in refugee research : the integration and onward migration of refugees in Scotland: a review of the evidence
Despite the operation of UK dispersal policy for nearly a decade, there has been little examination of the resulting impacts upon refugee mobility and integration. Implemented under the 1999Expand
Seeking Safety beyond Refuge: The Impact of Immigration and Citizenship Policy upon Refugees in the UK
Western states are concerned about maintaining and securing national borders. Across Europe, one response has been to implement restrictive asylum regimes that prevent ‘bogus’ applicants and grantExpand
Becoming British citizens?: Experiences and opinions of refugees living in Scotland
The overall aim of this project was to explore the experiences and opinions of refugees living in Scotland towards the UK citizenship process and becoming British citizens. In the wider context ofExpand
UK Dispersal Policy and Onward Migration: Mapping the Current State of Knowledge
Since 2000, the UK Home Office has implemented a policy of dispersal whereby asylum seekers are housed on a no choice basis in locations around the country. Although the aim of dispersal is toExpand
Addressing the Challenges Facing Refugee Doctors in the UK
Inclusion in the labour market is one key element of the UK Home Office refugee integration strategy. Refugees in the UK are a diverse group and represent multiple occupations and professions. OneExpand
Exploring the asylum-migration nexus in the context of health professional migration
The current global migration regime is extremely complex and characterised by a polarisation of flows. Increasing numbers of individuals fleeing conflict regimes and seeking asylum are faced withExpand
Changing places: voluntary sector work with refugees and asylum seekers in core and peripheral regions of the UK
It has been suggested that neo-liberal agendas have resulted in the emergence of a “shadow state” made up of voluntary organisations that deliver services that used to be the state’s responsibility.Expand
Professional and managerial migration from core to periphery: the case of English migration to Scottish cities
The population of English-born persons living in Scotland has risen rapidly since 1971. The dynamics of the group are theorised in this paper relative to the escalator region hypothesis, in terms ofExpand