Emma Steinhardt

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A case of priapism in a child with chronic granulocytic leukemia is presented, and the English literature is reviewed. While common in adult leukemia patients, priapism is rare in children with these neoplasms. Sludging of blood in the corpora cavernosa is almost universally accepted as the mechanism behind the development of painful and persistent erection(More)
We present AutoConnect, an automatic method that creates customized, 3D-printable connectors attaching two physical objects together. Users simply position and orient virtual models of the two objects that they want to connect and indicate some auxiliary information such as weight and dimensions. Then, AutoConnect creates several alternative designs that(More)
Participated an internship program, and conducted a research project about computational design of 3D-printable objects. Funded for half a year as a project leader of an exploratory software project, IPA MITOH Program, and developed a physics engine for real-time computer animations. Developed some AR Apps for iOS and Android OS.