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A unique broccoli × broccoli doubled haploid (DH) population has been created from the F1 of a cross between two DH broccoli lines derived from cultivars Green Duke and Marathon. We genotyped 154 individuals from this population with simple sequence repeat and amplified fragment length polymorphism markers to create a B. oleracea L. var. italica(More)
Pulseless disease or Takayashu's disease is a rare condition characterized by the completc, or almost complete, absence of the arterial pulsation in the upper extremities, and usually in the head and neck, due to an obliterative process in the great branches of the aortic arch. Although well-known by Japanese writers, it has received little attention in(More)
We aim to improve diversity of domesticated wheat by transferring genetic variation for important target traits from related wild and cultivated grass species. The present study describes the development of F1 hybrids between wheat and related species from the genera Aegilops, Secale, Thinopyrum, and Triticum and production of new amphidiploids.(More)
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