Emma Simmons

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BACKGROUND Segmentation of areas containing tumor cells in standard H&E histopathology images of breast (and several other tissues) is a key task for computer-assisted assessment and grading of histopathology slides. Good segmentation of tumor regions is also vital for automated scoring of immunohistochemical stained slides to restrict the scoring or(More)
Approaches to automatic parameter fitting in a microscopy image segmentation pipeline: An exploratory parameter space analysis Simultaneous 100-parameter imaging and real time slicing across thousands of protein clusters in a single diagnostic tissue section using TISTM technology at 40nm super-resolution: the human toponome project A statistical framework(More)
We have studied the effects of electrode fabrication and detector capacitance on the time resolution of large area electronic grade polycrystalline diamond sensors, made using chemical vapour deposition, that are suitable for time of flight measurements of heavy ions at relativistic velocities. Sensors were prepared both in house, with Al or Au metal(More)
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