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Certain fish and amphibians retain a robust capacity for cardiac regeneration throughout life, but the same is not true of the adult mammalian heart. Whether the capacity for cardiac regeneration is absent in mammals or whether it exists and is switched off early after birth has been unclear. We found that the hearts of 1-day-old neonatal mice can(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity are recognised nationally and internationally as key public health challenges. Food and drink advertising is one of the array of factors that influence both diet and physical activity choices and, hence, body weight and obesity. Little previous work has focused on food and drink advertising in magazines. We studied food and(More)
The N-terminal beta-hairpin sequence of ubiquitin has been implicated as a folding nucleation site. To extend and stabilise the ubiquitin folding nucleus, we have inserted an autonomously folding 14-residue peptide sequence beta4 which in isolation forms a highly populated beta-hairpin (>70%) stabilised by local interactions. NMR structural analysis of the(More)
Online dietary assessment tools offer a convenient, low cost alternative to traditional dietary assessment methods such as weighed records and face-to-face interviewer-led 24-h recalls. INTAKE24 is an online multiple pass 24-h recall tool developed for use with 11-24 year-old. The aim of the study was to undertake a comparison of INTAKE24 (the test method)(More)
Rapid proton migration is a key process in hydrocarbon photochemistry. Charge migration and subsequent proton motion can mitigate radiation damage when heavier atoms absorb X-rays. If rapid enough, this can improve the fidelity of diffract-before-destroy measurements of biomolecular structure at X-ray-free electron lasers. Here we study X-ray-initiated(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine how the breastfeeding experience is represented by users of FeedFinder (a mobile phone application for finding, reviewing and sharing places to breastfeed in public). DESIGN Content analysis using FeedFinder database. SETTING FeedFinder, UK, September 2013-June 2015. METHODS Reviews obtained through FeedFinder over a period of 21(More)
Dermatoglyphic parameters of 24 PWS individuals, 14 males, 10 females, were examined using standard techniques. Nomenclature followed that of Schaumann & Alter (1976). There were no differences found in the position of the axial triradius or the frequency of hypothenar patterns, but there was a decrease in fingertip ulnar loop patterns in both sexes with an(More)
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