Emma R. Hill

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Singular value decomposition (SVD) was used to identify and remove laser-induced noise in photoacoustic images acquired with a clinical ultrasound scanner. This noise, which was prominent in the radiofrequency data acquired in parallel from multiple transducer elements, was induced by the excitation light source. It was modelled by truncating the SVD(More)
Anatomical models are important training and teaching tools in the clinical environment and are routinely used in medical imaging research. Advances in segmentation algorithms and increased availability of three-dimensional (3D) printers have made it possible to create cost-efficient patient-specific models without expert knowledge. We introduce a general(More)
Laparoscopic procedures can be an attractive treatment option for liver resection, with a shortened hospital stay and reduced morbidity compared to open surgery. One of the central challenges of this technique is visualisation of concealed structures within the liver, particularly the vasculature and tumourous tissue. As photoacoustic (PA) imaging can(More)
The data we obtained suggested that the changes in the bone mineral content in EDS patients, although less intense than in other hereditary collagen diseases, are also present. Our study also suggests that this reduction in bone mass only affects predominantly trabecular bone. Subsequent studies involving greater numbers of patients and a clarification of(More)
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