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Trigeminal ganglion neurons comprise three main cell body-size types. This cell size heterogeneity provides an excellent neuronal model to study the cell size-dependent organization and dynamics of(More)
This paper studies the molecular organization, neuronal distribution and cellular differentiation dynamics of the giant fibrillar centers (GFCs) of nucleoli in rat sensory ganglia neurons. The GFC(More)
Administration of tellurium (Te) in weaning rats causes a well-established demyelinating neuropathy induced by the inhibition in myelinating Schwann cells (SC) of the synthesis of cholesterol, a(More)
In response to cellular stress, the activation of the JNK cascade mediates phosphorylation of c-Jun that promotes its transactivation, which in turn activates the transcription of specific genes. In(More)
We present a cytological, immunocytochemical, and biochemical study of the cell death of mature myelinating Schwann cells (SCs) in the primary demyelinating neuropathy induced by tellurium (Te).(More)
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