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Profiling the Female Emigrant: A Method of Linguistic Inquiry for Examining Correspondence Collections
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‘I never could forget my darling mother’: the language of recollection in a corpus of female Irish emigrant correspondence
Abstract The post-famine period from the 1850s to the 1920s was a time that saw a significant increase in female migration from Ireland to North America. A small glimpse into the lives of these womenExpand
Visualising the Emigrant Letter
Emigrant letters are a rich resource for teaching and learning, transcending disciplinary and methodological boundaries. They are expressive and indicative of correspondents’ identities, values,Expand
"I hope you will write": The function of projection structures in a corpus of nineteenth century Irish emigrant correspondence
This paper examines the use of the pattern Pronoun + Verb + Pronoun (as in I hope you, you think I and she knows he) in a corpus of nineteenth-century Irish emigrant correspondence. The corpusExpand
The emigrant letter digitised: markup and analysis
The sourcing, preservation and documentation of emigrant letter collections is now gathering pace, with the Internet providing a significant new forum for the dissemination of long-hidden archives. Expand
Homesickness, recollections and reunions
Book Review: Dan McIntyre and Beatrix Busse, Language and Style: In Honour of Mick Short
Language and Style, edited by Dan McIntyre and Beatrix Busse, is a collection of essays demonstrating current trends and developments in the field of stylistics. The book is a tribute to ProfessorExpand
Book Review: The Body in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction by Donald E. Hardy, 2007. Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, pp. ix + 188 ISBN 978 1 57003 698 9 (hbk)
Language and Literature 2009 18(4) approaches is illustrative and enlightening, and provides the reader with an informed choice of methodologies. For a budding corpus linguist, the book is certainlyExpand