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Gender differences in the pursuit of technology careers are a current issue of concern. We report on two studies that use surveys, drawings and interviews to examine sixth-and eighth-grade students' perceptions of knowledgeable computer users and their self-perception as a computer-type person. In Study 1, participants were asked to generate representations(More)
The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders is increasing, necessitating the development of efficient treatment models. Research has demonstrated that parent-delivered behavioral interventions are a viable treatment model; however, little research has focused on teaching parents in groups. The aim of this study was to demonstrate that(More)
Using interactive surfaces in a classroom requires an understanding of multiple users and stakeholders. While research on how students using tables provides some insight, exploring the roles and needs of the teacher, and the interaction between groups in a classroom, adds an additional dimension to this design challenge. We summarize three years of design(More)