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PURPOSE To determine the effect of the number of detectors and peak tube voltage on renal cyst pseudoenhancement in a phantom model. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study on computed tomographic (CT) phantoms did not require institutional review board approval. The renal compartments of a CT phantom were filled with iodinated contrast material diluted to(More)
Oral acyclovir, 800 mg five times per day for seven days, was compared with placebo in a randomized, double-blind trial conducted at three centers in the United Kingdom. The study group consisted of 364 elderly immunocompetent patients with herpes zoster who were entered within 72 hours of the onset of rash. Acyclovir significantly reduced the times to last(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the presence of renal cyst pseudoenhancement at 16- and 64-row multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) in patients. METHODS MDCT images from 90 patients with renal cysts >1 cm in diameter (n=122) were retrospectively analyzed for the presence and predictors of cyst pseudoenhancement. RESULTS Fifty-three percent of cysts 1-2 cm(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether bioimpedance spectroscopy was suitable for detection of hand lymphoedema. METHODS The hands of 50 participants without a history of lymphoedema were measured with perometry and bioimpedance spectroscopy after positioning two ways for three minutes: (a) both hands rested at heart height and (b) the dominant hand at heart(More)
We recently cared for a 52-year-old man in our emergency department who presented with progressive shortness of breath over several days. On examination, he was found to have bibasilar crackles, jugular venous distention, and mild lower extremity edema. A chest radiograph revealed a borderline cardiac size and prominent interstitial lung markings, and his(More)
We report the case of a sixty one year old female diagnosed with two synchronous primary lung cancers located within the same lobe. Surgical resection was performed, followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. The patient developed distant bone and skin metastases one year post-surgical resection. In this report we discuss the multimodality therapy used to treat(More)
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