Emma M Mercier

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The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders is increasing, necessitating the development of efficient treatment models. Research has demonstrated that parent-delivered behavioral interventions are a viable treatment model; however, little research has focused on teaching parents in groups. The aim of this study was to demonstrate that(More)
We demonstrate the physical generation of random bits at high bit rates (> 100 Gb/s) using optical chaos from a solitary laser diode and therefore without the complex addition of either external optical feedback or injection. This striking result is obtained despite the low dimension and relatively small bandwidth of the laser chaos, i.e. two(More)
Experiments were conducted to quantify the effect of several variables on the mortality of insects exposed to an anoxic treatment in order to generate a model linking mortality to these variables. This study aims to explore the possible interest of using such a model to determine the characteristics of treatment (especially duration) needed to guarantee(More)
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