Emma Louise Butler

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Previous animal data showed that platelets contain growth factors that stimulate capillary endothelial migration (angiogenesis), fibroblast proliferation and migration, and collagen synthesis. This study utilized autologous platelet-derived wound healing factors (PDWHF) to treat 49 patients with chronic nonhealing cutaneous ulcers. Patients were classified(More)
Chronic, nonhealing, cutaneous ulcers are a serious clinical problem. The results of previous studies using platelet-derived wound healing formula (PDWHF), derived from autologous platelets, provided evidence that PDWHF actively stimulates repair of the wound. To test whether or not PDWHF accelerates repair, a prospectively randomized, blinded trial was(More)
Many patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus do not achieve target glycosylated hemoglobin A1c levels despite optimally titrated basal insulin and satisfactory fasting plasma glucose levels. Current evidence suggests that HbA1c levels are dictated by both basal glucose and postprandial glucose levels. This has led to a consensus that postprandial glucose(More)
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