Emma Louise Butler

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The effects of a fragile X disorder on executive function impairment were assessed in 144 extended families, which included individuals with fragile X premutation and full mutation and their relatives without fragile X. A modification of the maximum-likelihood estimators for pedigree data, as well as ordinal logistic regression, were used in data analysis.(More)
It has been suggested that reward "wanting" and "liking" are mediated by separable brain systems. To facilitate neuropharmacological and neurophysiological research on this issue we developed a behavioral task with putative measures of reward "wanting" and "liking" available on a trial-by-trial basis. We were able to test whether our measures were sensitive(More)
Many patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus do not achieve target glycosylated hemoglobin A1c levels despite optimally titrated basal insulin and satisfactory fasting plasma glucose levels. Current evidence suggests that HbA1c levels are dictated by both basal glucose and postprandial glucose levels. This has led to a consensus that postprandial glucose(More)
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