Emma Longworth

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Capsular polysaccharides of serogroup C, W-135 and Y meningococci were previously reported to be O-acetylated at the sialic acid residues. There is evidence that O-acetylation affects the immunogenicity of polysaccharide vaccines. We identified genes indispensable for O-acetylation of serogroup C, W-135 and Y meningococci downstream of the capsule synthesis(More)
The capsular polysaccharide of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup W135 is expressed in both O-acetyl-positive (OA+) and O-acetyl-negative (OA-) forms. This study investigates the impact of OA status (OA+ versus OA-) on serological measurements of anti-W135 immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in immunized adults. W135-specific serum antibody assignments were(More)
In the UK, a co-ordinated series of phase II studies is being undertaken with meningococcal serogroup C conjugate (MCC) vaccines. The use of meningococcal A/C polysaccharide (MACP) vaccines in control arms in young children has been avoided because of the well recognised short comings of these vaccines. Following a cluster of serogroup C disease centred on(More)
Widespread use of meningococcal A and C polysaccharide (MACP) vaccines has raised concerns about induction of hyporesponsiveness to these polysaccharides. Immunological hyporesponsiveness to C polysaccharide has been clearly documented in infants, children and adults but only limited data from Gambian children are available for A polysaccharide. We(More)
To date, there are no data assessing the utility of avidity indices as a surrogate marker for the induction of immunological memory following meningococcal serogroup B outer membrane vesicle (OMV) vaccination. We studied infants who had been immunized with three doses of a recombinant hexavalent PorA OMV vaccine at ages 2-4 months, together with a fourth(More)
At a time when tetravalent conjugate vaccines for meningococcal serogroups A/C/Y/W135 are being formulated the O-acetylation status of their respective capsular polysaccharides has not previously been studied in the UK for all components. Although this has been elucidated for serogroup C, little is known about the O-acetylation status of serogroups W135 and(More)
Meningococcal serogroup C conjugate (MCC) vaccines have been introduced in the UK to combat the rise in serogroup C meningococcal disease. Serogroup C meningococci may occur naturally expressing either O-acetylated (Oac(+)) or de-O-acetylated (Oac(-)) polysaccharide capsules. In a small study in the USA in the 1970s 15% of serogroup C meningococcal case(More)
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