Emma L Pitchforth

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The American Medical Association asked RAND Health to characterize the factors that affect physician professional satisfaction. RAND researchers sought to identify high-priority determinants of professional satisfaction by gathering data from 30 physician practices in six states, using a combination of surveys and semistructured interviews. This article(More)
PURPOSE To determine the extent and reasons for delay in accessing specialist eye care following a significant eye injury. METHODS Mixed methods study involving 93 consecutive admissions to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Tanzania (KCMC). Semi-structured interviews were conducted and supplemented by a review of medical notes. A statistical analysis(More)
The first principle of the Calman-Hine report's recommendations on cancer services was that all patients should have access to a uniformly high quality of care wherever they may live. This study aimed to assess whether the uptake of chemotherapy for colorectal cancer varied by hospital type in Scotland. Hospitals were classified according to cancer(More)
Ensuring high quality intrapartum care in developing countries is a crucial component of efforts to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. Conceptual frameworks for understanding quality of care have broadened to reflect the complexity of factors affecting quality of health care provision. Yet, the role of social sciences within the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore women's preferences for, and trade-offs between, key attributes of intrapartum care models. DESIGN Mixed-methods study using discrete choice experiments (DCEs) and focus groups. SETTING The North of Scotland. POPULATION Women from the catchment areas of eight rural maternity units in the North of Scotland. METHODS Based on(More)
BACKGROUND Randomised controlled trials of interventions in critical situations are necessary to establish safety and evaluate outcomes. Pregnant women have been identified as a potentially vulnerable population. OBJECTIVE To explore women's experiences of being recruited to ORACLE, a randomised controlled trial of antibiotics in pre-term labour. (More)
An understanding of how staff identify, classify, narrativise and orient to patient safety risks is important in understanding responses to efforts to effect change. We report an ethnographic study of four medical wards in the UK, in hospitals that were participating in the Health Foundation's Safer Patients Initiative, an organisation-wide patient safety(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore women's perceptions of "choice" of place of delivery in remote and rural areas where different models of maternity services are available. SETTING AND METHODS Remote and rural areas of the North of Scotland. A qualitative study design involved focus groups with women who had recent experience of maternity services. RESULTS Women had(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore what happened to poor women in Bangladesh once they reached a hospital providing comprehensive emergency obstetric care (EmOC) and to identify support mechanisms. DESIGN Mixed methods qualitative study. SETTING Large government medical college hospital in Bangladesh. SAMPLE Providers and users of EmOC. METHODS Ethnographic(More)