Emma L. Inzani

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Female intrasexual competition is intense in cooperatively breeding species where offspring compete locally for resources and helpers. In mammals, females have been proposed to adjust prenatal investment according to the intensity of competition in the postnatal environment (a form of 'predictive adaptive response'; PAR). We carried out a test of this(More)
The authors report their experience the diagnosis and management of congenital duodenal malformation in adults. They emphasize problems and difficulties in this disease of pediatric age and the physiopathological adaptation in these years. They point out that surgery can modify important metabolic functions and sub-clinical pathological conditions that the(More)
Jejunal diverticulosis is a rare and often asymptomatic disease, generally presenting as an occasional finding during laparotomy for other diseases. There are no established criteria for the treatment of such diverticula. Due to the possible onset of acute complications, surgical management must be considered. Personal experience on a case of jejunal(More)
The thorny second-look problem is examined on the basis of personal experience of 65 cases of intestinal infarction over a period of 10 years. The medical literature is particularly lacking in indications on this point and only from careful assessment of reported experience and personal experience itself has it been possible to find indications and(More)
The authors describe their personal experience of the surgical treatment of hepatic MTS caused by colon-rectum ca. Following a review of the literature, including therapeutic protocols which do not always agreed, the problems inherent to the number, site, size and appearance of MTS themselves are discussed. Different approaches are compared in an attempt to(More)
After a review of world literature and on the basis of personal experience, the problem of ischaemic colitis following abdominal aortic aneurysmectomy is examined. After remarks on the aetiopathogenesis and clinical picture of the condition the paper stresses the need for early detection of patients at high risk, to prevent a clinical picture that is(More)
Ecological conditions are expected to have an important influence on individuals' investment in cooperative care. However, the nature of their effects is unclear: both favorable and unfavorable conditions have been found to promote helping behavior. Recent studies provide a possible explanation for these conflicting results by suggesting that increased(More)
Early-life ecological conditions have major effects on survival and reproduction. Numerous studies in wild systems show fitness benefits of good quality early-life ecological conditions ("silver-spoon" effects). Recently, however, some studies have reported that poor-quality early-life ecological conditions are associated with later-life fitness advantages(More)
Ascending colon angiodysplasia is a frequent cause of colorrhagia or chronic blood loss in old patients, but also possible under the age of 55. Angiodysplasia diagnosis is often underestimated. For a long time colorrhagia or lower intestinal bleeding were generally diagnosed like diverticular bleeding. This conclusion was the result of several conditions:(More)
Surgical treatment of a case of symptomatic kinking of the internal carotid suggested a review of the problem on the basis of the national and international literature. Opinions are not only extremely distant but not infrequently antithetical. In such a heterogeneous subjects that is often difficult to interpret, the most interesting approaches are examined(More)