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We aimed to address two issues: first, to describe how the perception of motion differs in elderly observers as compared to younger ones; and, second, to see if these changes in motion perception could be accounted for by the known changes in the ability of elderly observers to detect patterns (as indexed via contrast sensitivity). The lower threshold of(More)
A ferredoxin associated with biological Fe-S cluster assembly has been remodelled to transfer electrons to a P450 enzyme and support substrate oxidation at 80% of the physiological ferredoxin activity, opening up the possibility of tailoring ferredoxins to reconstitute the activity of P450 enzymes for which the electron transfer partner proteins are not(More)
Today serious games, i.e. software applications developed with game technology and design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, include games used for educational, persuasive, pedagogical, political, or health and training purposes. This paper describes the work-in-progress development of an interactive 3D training application(More)
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