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Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895
Until 300 years ago, the Chinese considered Taiwan a "land beyond the seas," a "ball of mud" inhabited by "naked and tattooed savages." The incorporation of this island into the Qing empire in the
Eurasian Hybridity in Chinese Utopian Visions: From "One World" to "A Society Based on Beauty" and Beyond
In the past, the German Nazis promoted the idea of Aryan superiority on the basis of the notion of racial purity. . . . Ironically, nowadays there are people who are taking an avid interest in racial
Looking again at Taiwan's Lü Hsiu-lien: A female vice president or a feminist vice president?
Synopsis In 2000, Lu Hsiu-lien was elected Taiwan's first female vice president, adding to the striking successes of Asian women in electoral politics. Lu differs from the majority of Asia's “ruling
An Island of Women: The Discourse of Gender in Qing Travel Writing about Taiwan
Seventeenthisland colony of Taiwan almost invariably remarked that indigenous custom gave precedence to the fe ale sex. 'The savages value woman and undervalue man' became a commonplace of Qing
Taiwan as a Living Museum: Tropes of Anachronism in Late-Imperial Chinese Travel Writing
Cet article analyse les voies par lesquelles Taiwan a une fonction de musee vivant dans les recits de voyage chinois entre les XVII e et XIX e siecles. L'A. montre que les ecrivains-voyageurs