Emma J. Knight

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Losses to life and property from unplanned fires (wildfires) are forecast to increase because of population growth in peri-urban areas and climate change. In response, there have been moves to increase fuel reduction--clearing, prescribed burning, biomass removal and grazing--to afford greater protection to peri-urban communities in fire-prone regions. But(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the safety and efficacy of an intensive insulin regimen compared with a conventional insulin regimen in general intensive care unit patients. METHODS A phase II, randomised controlled trial was conducted in 70 critically ill patients in a closed multidisciplinary ICU of a university-affiliated tertiary hospital. We assessed patient(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the occurrence of and predictive factors for orthopaedic surgery in an inception cohort of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients recruited and followed prospectively for 5 yr in nine regions in England. METHODS Standard clinical, laboratory and radiological assessments and all interventions were recorded at baseline and yearly in RA(More)
The desire to improve urban sustainability is motivating many city planners to adopt growth strategies that increase residential density, leading to substantial changes to urban landscapes. What effect this change will have on biodiversity remains unclear, but it is expected that the role of public greenspace in providing wildlife habitat will become(More)
1. Sex allocation theory predicts that where dispersal is sex biased, the fitness consequences of producing male or female offspring are mediated by resource availability and maternal competitive ability. Females in poorer condition are expected to favour dispersing offspring to minimize resource competition with kin. Environmental heterogeneity may drive(More)
PURPOSE We consider "magnitude-based inference" and its interpretation by examining in detail its use in the problem of comparing two means. METHODS We extract from the spreadsheets, which are provided to users of the analysis (http://www.sportsci.org/), a precise description of how "magnitude-based inference" is implemented. We compare the implemented(More)
New insights into community-level responses at the urban fringe, and the mechanisms underlying them, are needed. In our study, we investigated the compositional distinctiveness and variability of a breeding bird community at both sides of established edges between suburban residential areas and woodland reserves in Canberra, Australia. Our goals were to(More)
Animal social behaviour is not static with regard to environmental change. Flexibility in cooperative resource use may be an important response to resource decline, mediating the impacts of resource availability on fitness and demography. In forest ecosystems, hollow trees are key den resources for many species, but are declining worldwide owing to(More)
Some athletes avoid dairy in the meal consumed before exercise due to fears about gastrointestinal discomfort. Regular exclusion of dairy foods may unnecessarily reduce intake of high quality proteins and calcium with possible implications for body composition and bone health. This study compared the effects of meals that included (Dairy) or excluded(More)