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Miniature swine anesthetized with pentobarbital were studied with respect to their cardiovascular function under control conditions and in response to catecholamines, baroreceptor inhibition, bilateral vagotomy and vagal nerve stimulation. Measurements included aortic pressure, heart rate, intraventricular pressure and its maximum rate of rise during(More)
BACKGROUND Nutritional analysis of donated human milk has been suggested as a means of optimising its use. METHODS We analysed pooled, single donor milk samples using the MIRIS Human Milk Analyser to obtain values for fat, protein, lactose and calculated energy content. These values were compared with those of formula milks and then extrapolated to(More)
Provision of optimal nutrition is often difficult to achieve in the critically ill child, but can improve with better nutritional support practices. This study evaluated the joint impact of the introduction of enteral feeding practice guidelines and participation of dietitians in daily ward rounds on enteral nutrition (EN) intake and practices in children(More)
BACKGROUND The nutritional content of donated expressed breast milk (DEBM) is variable. Using DEBM to provide for the energy requirements of neonates is challenging. OBJECTIVE The authors hypothesized that a system of DEBM energy content categorization and distribution would improve energy intake from DEBM. METHODS We compared infants' actual cumulative(More)
BACKGROUND Provision of optimal nutrition in children in critical care is often challenging. This study evaluated exclusive enteral nutrition (EN) provision practices and explored predictors of energy intake and delay of EN advancement in critically ill children. METHODS Data on intake and EN practices were collected on a daily basis and compared against(More)
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