Emma Catherine Cameron

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Current literature suggests associations between abnormal mineral metabolism (MM) to cardiovascular disease in dialysis populations, with conflicting results. MM physiology is complex; therefore, it was hypothesized that constellations of MM parameters, reflecting this complexity, would be predictive of mortality and that this effect would be modified by(More)
In stingless bees, sex is determined by a single complementary sex-determining locus. This method of sex determination imposes a severe cost of inbreeding because an egg fertilized by sperm carrying the same sex allele as the egg results in a sterile diploid male. To explore how reproductive strategies may be used to avoid inbreeding in stingless bees, we(More)
We investigated the taxonomic significance of nest shape and its putative role in speciation in Trigona (Heterotrigona) carbonaria and T. (H.) hockingsi, two sibling species of stingless bee species from eastern Australia. These species are primarily distinguished by their nest architecture, as in all other respects they are nearly identical. We genotyped(More)
PURPOSE A randomized controlled clinical trial was used to investigate effects of physical therapy (PT) intervention on motor outcome of infants born very preterm with very low birth weight (VLBW). METHODS Seventy-two infants born very preterm with VLBW were randomly assigned to a nontreatment (NT) (n = 38) or treatment (T) (n = 34) group. The T group(More)
Tephritid fruit flies, an important pest of horticulture worldwide, are increasingly targeted for control or eradication by large-scale releases of sterile flies of the same species. For each species treated, strains must be domesticated for mass rearing to provide sufficiently large numbers of individuals for releases. Increases in productivity of(More)
Primary hyperoxaluria is a rare congenital disorder characterized by large quantities of urinary oxalate with resultant nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis and by deposits of calcium oxalate in other organs. Renal failure occurs early in life. Reports of unsuccessful renal transplantation attempts in this disorder underscore the need for antemortem(More)
A method for estimating intrafamilial correlations under variable family sizes involving weightings of paired data points is introduced. Classical methods of intrafamilial correlation estimation and those in current use are outlined and critically analyzed. Extensions of the proposed estimation method to more general data structures are delineated.
Magnesium is an essential cation, involved in many enzymatic reactions, as a cofactor to adenosine triphosphatases. It is critical in energy-requiring metabolic processes, as well as protein synthesis and anaerobic phosphorylation. Serum Mg concentration is maintained within a narrow range by the kidney and small intestine since under conditions of Mg(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to determine the effect of l-carnitine on quality of life (QOL) in chronic hemodialysis patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS This trial used a randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover design. Inclusion criteria were patients who were older than 18 years, had been on dialysis for a minimum of one year,(More)
Since 1985, a new and serious fruit fly pest has been reported in northwestern Australia. It has been unclear whether this pest was the supposedly benign endemic species, Bactrocera aquilonis, or a recent introduction of the morphologically near-identical Queensland fruit fly, B. tryoni. B. tryoni is a major pest throughout eastern Australia but is isolated(More)