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MOTIVATION Mate pair protocols add to the utility of paired-end sequencing by boosting the genomic distance spanned by each pair of reads, potentially allowing larger repeats to be bridged and resolved. The Illumina Nextera Mate Pair (NMP) protocol uses a circularization-based strategy that leaves behind 38-bp adapter sequences, which must be(More)
Nowadays most medium access protocols designed for wireless ad hoc networks are based on collision avoidance strategies like the CSMA/CA based IEEE 802.11 protocol. But these types of protocols are not designed for multi-hop scenarios -- the efficiency of the channel utilization is too low which results in, among others, large packet delays. One popular(More)
— Due to the similar properties of wired and wireless communication systems, it is often possible to adopt established communication principles from one system to another. However, there is one unique property of the wireless channel which differs greatly from its wired counterpart – the transmission signal is gradually decaying beyond recognition.(More)
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