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—App stores allow users to submit feedback for downloaded apps in form of star ratings and text reviews. Recent studies analyzed this feedback and found that it includes information useful for app developers, such as user requirements, ideas for improvements, user sentiments about specific features, and descriptions of experiences with these features.(More)
Emotions have a high impact in productivity, task quality, creativity, group rapport and job satisfaction. In this work we use lexical sentiment analysis to study emotions expressed in commit comments of different open source projects and analyze their relationship with different factors such as used programming language, time and day of the week in which(More)
Performing everyday manipulation tasks successfully depends on the ability of autonomous robots to appropriately account for the physical behavior of task-related objects. Meaning that robots have to predict and consider the physical effects of their possible actions to take. In this work we investigate a simulation-based approach to naive physics temporal(More)
Emotions play an important role in determining work results and how team members collaborate within a project. When working in large, distributed teams, members can lose awareness of the emotional state of the project. We propose an approach to improve emotional awareness in software development teams by means of quantitative emotion summaries. Our approach(More)