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We are currently investigating methods to triplify the content of Wikipedia's tables. We propose that existing knowledge-bases can be leveraged to semi-automatically extract high-quality facts (in the form of RDF triples) from tables embedded in Wikipedia articles (henceforth called " Wikitables "). We present a survey of Wikitables and their content in a(More)
The tables embedded in Wikipedia articles contain rich, semi-structured encyclopaedic content. However, the cumulative content of these tables cannot be queried against. We thus propose methods to recover the semantics of Wikipedia tables and, in particular, to extract facts from them in the form of RDF triples. Our core method uses an existing Linked Data(More)
This study examined contribution of Na(+)-dependent processes to the regulation of free cytosolic calcium (Ca2+i) in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) using fura-2. Removal of Na+ from superfusate (replacement with choline) resulted in an increment of Ca2+i that was greatly augmented by pretreatment with ouabain. Under both conditions, Ca2+i(More)
An efficient implementation of an algorithm that decides the implication problem for a tractable and expressive class of XML keys. Performance Analysis: Implication problem over large sets of XML Keys. Non-redundant covers of XML keys and validation of XML documents. Our experiments show that reasoning about expressive notions of XML keys can be done(More)
In this paper, we describe our contribution to the 2015 Linked Data Mining Challenge. The proposed task is concerned with the prediction of review of movies as " good " or " bad " , as does Meta-critic website based on critics' reviews. First we describe the sources used to build the training data. Although, several sources provide data about movies on the(More)
Desensitization of alpha 1-adrenoceptor-mediated activation of glycogen phosphorylase was investigated in rabbit aorta. Activation of glycogen phosphorylase by epinephrine was antagonized by the alpha 1-receptor selective antagonist prazosin but not by yohimbine (alpha 2-receptor selective) or by propranolol (beta-receptor antagonist). Preincubation of(More)
This paper describes µRaptor, a DOM-based method to extract hCard microformats from HTML pages stripped of microformat markup. µRaptor extracts DOM sub-trees, converts them into rules, and uses them to extract hCard microformats. Besides, we use co-occurring CSS classes to improve the overall precision. Results on train data show 0.96 precision and 0.83 F1(More)