Emine Krichen

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In this paper, we present a new method for iris identification particularly convenient for visible light images. It relies on the use of packets of wavelets [8] for the production of an iris code. Experiments, conducted on a database of 700 iris images, acquired with visible light illumination, show an improvement of 2% of FAR and of around 11.5% of FRR(More)
In this paper, we present a new phase-correlation-based iris matching approach in order to deal with degradations in iris images due to unconstrained acquisition procedures. Our matching system is a fusion of global and local Gabor phase-correlation schemes. The main originality of our local approach is that we do not only consider the correlation peak(More)
Face recognition finds its place in a large number of applications. They occur in different contexts related to security, entertainment or Internet applications. Reliable face recognition is still a great challenge to computer vision and pattern recognition researchers, and new algorithms need to be evaluated on relevant databases. The publicly available(More)
A strategy of color image based human face representation is first proposed. Then, based on this representation, complex Eigenfaces technique is developed for facial feature extraction. Finally, we test our idea using the AR face database. The experimental result demonstrates that the proposed color image based complex Eigenfaces method is more robust to(More)