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Assessment of the biosorption characteristics of a macro-fungus for the decolorization of Acid Red 44 (AR44) dye.
The proposed biosorbent was successfully used for the decolorization of Acid Red 44 in synthetic wastewater conditions and indicated that the biosorption of acid Red 44 onto fungal biomass was spontaneous and endothermic in nature.
Effects Of Green Purchasing Strategies In Business Productivity
  • Emine Kavas
  • Business
  • 1 January 2019
Zor tan› konulan bir Kawasaki sendromu Kawasaki syndrome; diagnosed with difficulty
Kawasaki sendromu konjonktival hiperemi, a¤›z mukozas›nda yang›, ekstremitelerde belirgin de¤ifliklikler, cilt bulgular› ve boyunda lenfadenomegali ile seyreden bir çocukluk ça¤› vaskülitidir.
In the Green Logistics Vision
In this chapter the studies made on an international level in line with the zero waste goal with recycling logistics in green logistics vision are examined. Businesses acting sensitive to the
Incoterms and New Transport Types
In this research, Drones, which are between incoterms and new forms of transport, are examined. International logistics applications behave in line with the development objectives responsive to
Hidrops Fetalis'li Supraventriküler Taşikardinin Tedavi Zamanlamasi: İntrauterin mi? Ekstrauterin mi? The Right Timing of The Treatment of Supraventricular Tachycardia Accompanied by Hydrops Fetalis:
This case presents the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia complicated by hydrops fetalis and the best time for treatment, which was born by cesarean section at 32 gestational week with birth weight of 1990 grams.
Effect and Importance of Green Logistics Towards Purchase Behaviours of Consumer in E-Commerce
When consumers evaluate a product or service, they look at not only product performance and quality, but also the environmental impact of the product. The fact that the enterprises realised this,