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[Fungal keratitis caused by Scedosporium apiospermum: first report from Turkey].
Though a very rare causative agent of keratitis, S.apiospermum is generally resistant to antifungal therapy and often require surgical treatment, so this organism should be kept in mind as a potential causativeAgent and relevant microbiological examinations should be performed.
Topographic and Biomechanical Evaluation of Cornea in Patients With Acromegaly
CCT, CV, CH, CRF, IOPg, and IOP with Goldmann applanation tonometry were significantly higher in acromegalic eyes, and should be considered when planning corneal refractive surgery and determining accurate intraocular pressure in patients with acromegaly.
The effect of antihypertensive therapy on dry eye disease
The use of antiHT drugs containing diuretic had no adverse effect on the tear function tests, but using drugs that contain ACE/ARB could have a positive impact.
Impaired Corneal Biomechanical Properties and the Prevalence of Keratoconus in Mitral Valve Prolapse
KC prevalence is higher than control individuals in MVP patients and the biomechanical properties of the cornea are altered in patients with MVP, which should be considered when the MVP patients are evaluated before refractive surgery.
The Effect of Corneal Epithelium on Corneal Curvature in Patients with Keratoconus
In keratoconus patients during CXL treatment, more steepness is detected in the curvature of the steeper area of the cornea, suggesting that the masking effect of corneal epithelium on values of curvature should be taken into consideration.
Tear Function and Ocular Surface Alterations After Accelerated Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in Progressive Keratoconus
In this study, A-CXL has no adverse effect on ocular surface and tear function, which are important for visual quality, and these results do not lead to deterioration in TBUT.
Increased Tear Film Osmolarity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
This study revealed that tear film hyperosmolarity and abnormal tear film function are associated with SLE.
Effect of refractive error on temperament and character properties.
AIM To determine the effect of refractive error on temperament and character properties using Cloninger's psychobiological model of personality. METHODS Using the Temperament and Character
Evaluation of corneal topography, tear film function and conjunctival impression cytology after long-term scleral contact lens wear in keratoconus patients
Six months of ScCL wear did not induce any changes in corneal curvature and thickness and also did not affect tear function tests in keratoconic eyes.
RE: Tear Function and Ocular Surface Alterations After Accelerated Corneal Collagen Crosslinking in Progressive Keratoconus.
Comment on the authors’ statement that tear osmolarity is the most sensitive and specific diagnostic method for diagnosis and classification of dry eye disease, and there is no evidence that ultraviolet-A light may scatter during CXL, and the author’s assumption unjustified is considered.