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The Camera Mouse is a mouse-replacement interface for users with movement impairments. It tracks a selected body feature, such as the nose, eyebrow or finger, through a web camera and translates the user's movements to movements of the mouse pointer. Occasionally, the Camera Mouse loses the feature being tracked, when the user moves quickly or out of frame,(More)
Medulloblastoma comprises four distinct molecular variants: WNT, SHH, Group 3, and Group 4. We analyzed alternative splicing usage in 14 normal cerebellar samples and 103 medulloblastomas of known subgroup. Medulloblastoma samples have a statistically significant increase in alternative splicing as compared to normal fetal cerebella (2.3-times; P <(More)
BACKGROUND Humanitarian surgical organisations provide cleft palate repair for patients without access to surgical care. Despite decades of experience, very little research has assessed the outcomes of these trips. This study investigates the fistula rate in patients from two cohorts in rural China and one in the USA. METHODS This retrospective study(More)
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