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Music streaming services increasingly incorporate additional music taxonomies (i.e., mood, activity, and genre) to provide users different ways to browse through music collections. However, these additional taxonomies can distract the user from reaching their music goal, and influence choice satisfaction. We conducted an online user study with an(More)
This paper covers the security mechanisms and issues in WiMAX, as well as universal threats to wireless networks. It also examines similar wireless and mobile broadband technologies, WLAN, MBWA, and 3G and the security measures that are taken. Awareness is raised of the current as well as future security implications of an increasingly wireless world.
In this paper, we describe an e-Learning system that can help novices to learn how to develop some workable programs in a short period of time, assess their performance, and automatically grade the students' programs. The system takes advantage of computer and network technologies and combines the concept of flipped classroom to help the instructor and(More)
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