Emily Welsh

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During a 15-week period, six full-time faculty members supervised the replacement of amalgam restorations by clinical dental students. The tooth numbers, the amalgam surfaces replaced, the reasons for replacement, and the instructors were compared. The students removed 956 surfaces of amalgam from 436 teeth. The primary reasons cited for replacement were(More)
Enrollment in ALS trials has not been systematically studied. We surveyed the ALS Research Group (ALSRG) to learn their impressions of enrollment at ALS clinics across North America. We also reviewed completed ALS trials to determine an enrollment rate (subjects per site per month), its variability across trials, whether it is changing over time, and(More)
High-protein dietary supplements were started for 2 patients, who had a period of anorexia before hospital admission but no history of liver disease. Subsequent altered mental status with ataxia developed in both patients. After excluding other causes, hyperammonemia was noted, while liver function test results remained normal. Removal of the high-protein(More)
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