Emily Warren

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BACKGROUND There is an acknowledged gap between research findings and their implementation in clinical practice despite the existence of effective educational interventions. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to identify what is impeding GPs from pursuing currently recognized good practice and implementing evidence-based guidelines in their management of hypertension(More)
UNLABELLED Thromboelastography is an in vitro, point-of-care monitor of whole blood coagulation. Thromboelastography studies have demonstrated a hypercoagulable state during pregnancy. Perhaps the hypercoagulability is attributable to female sex hormones. The aim of the study was to determine if sex, in addition to pregnancy, affected thromboelastography(More)
We examined aggression and psychopathology in persons with severe or profound mental retardation. Most aggressive episodes were directed toward other clients, and ratings of aggression were positively correlated with self-injury, stereotypic behavior, and being ambulatory. In a linear regression analysis of psychopathological correlates, aggression was most(More)
OBJECTIVES This systematic review aims to evaluate evidence on the effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) interventions delivered in humanitarian crises. SETTING Crisis affected low-income or middle-income countries. PARTICIPANTS Crisis-affected populations in low-income or middle-income countries. METHOD Peer-reviewed and grey(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate commonly used cancer websites' information provision, we developed and applied an Information Comprehensiveness Tool to breast and prostate cancer websites. METHODS We first collated questions from a systematic literature review on patient information needs. We then classified the questions in terms of spectrum of care, theme, and(More)
Recognition of the need for evidence-based interventions to help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian responses has been increasing. However, little is known about the breadth and quality of evidence on health interventions in humanitarian crises. We describe the findings of a systematic review with the aim of examining the quantity(More)
The perceptions of patients and GPs of the risk of stroke in treated and untreated elderly hypertensives, and their attitudes towards anti-hypertensive therapy were examined. To explore attitudes of patients to the management of hypertension a qualitative approach was used, employing semi-structured interviews, with subsequent thematic analysis of the(More)
Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) has developed a single-center kidney paired donation (KPD) program that has resulted in 74 living donor kidney transplants in the 22 months since its inception. The NMH KPD program has increased access to transplantation among patients who are highly sensitized and has limited the amount of desensitization therapy used(More)
BACKGROUND Van Belle et al. argue that our attempt to pursue realist evaluation via a randomised trial will be fruitless because we misunderstand realist ontology (confusing intervention mechanisms with intervention activities and with statistical mediation analyses) and because RCTs cannot comprehensively examine how and why outcome patterns are caused by(More)