Emily Vardell

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F1000Prime is an expert review service that aims to identify and rate new articles likely to greatly influence current biomedical and clinical knowledge and practice. In addition to the expert-selected and reviewed articles of F1000Prime, the publisher, Faculty of 1000, offers numerous personalized features, access to two open access journals, and an open(More)
A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an interactive tool designed to assist clinicians in making decisions, such as determining a diagnosis. The Isabel Database is a CDSS featuring a clinical checklist and topic-specific knowledge components. This column contains an overview of the database, provides searching tips, and places Isabel within the(More)
Reference departments track patron interactions to illustrate the type and number of services provided as well as to tailor librarians' time and expertise to the interest and needs of their patrons. Until 2010 the Reference, Education, and Community Engagement Department at the Calder Memorial Library tracked statistics using a complicated system of paper(More)
SciVal Experts is a resource for finding experts and fostering collaboration. The tool creates researcher profiles with automatically updated publication and grant information and faculty-inputted curriculum vitae, more fully capturing a researcher's body of work. SciVal Experts indexes campus-based "experts" by research topic, allowing faculty to find(More)
VisualDx is a clinical decision support tool that uses images and searchable clinical features to assist physicians in the diagnostic decision-making process. VisualDx is a database of more than 24,000 high-quality images covering a wide variety of conditions and drug eruptions. In addition, VisualDx integrates within both UpToDate and many electronic(More)
In this paper, we study how users interact with a search assistance tool while completing tasks of varying complexity. We designed a novel tool referred to as the search guide (SG) that displays the search trails (queries issued, results clicked, pages bookmarked) from three previous users who completed the task. We report on a laboratory study with 48(More)
In this paper, we present results of qualitative analysis of interviews with 16 university faculty regarding their use of file synchronization and sharing technologies in their work and personal lives. We identify key problems and considerations that influence file synchronization and sharing practices, and describe commonly used strategies. Our findings(More)
ClinicalAccess is a new clinical decision support tool that uses a question-and-answer format to mirror clinical decision-making strategies. The unique format of ClinicalAccess delivers concise, authoritative answers to more than 120,000 clinical questions. This column presents a review of the product, a sample search, and a comparison with other(More)
SAGE Research Methods Datasets (SRMD) is an educational tool designed to offer users the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with data analysis. Users can search for and browse authentic datasets by method, discipline, and data type. Each of the datasets are supplemented with educational material on the research method and clear guidelines for how to(More)
ClinicalKey is a new point-of-care resource for health care professionals. Through controlled vocabulary, ClinicalKey offers a cross section of resources on diseases and procedures, from journals to e-books and practice guidelines to patient education. A sample search was conducted to demonstrate the features of the database, and a comparison with similar(More)