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Black Redhorse (Moxostoma duquesnei) larval and juvenile habitat was characterized in the Grand River, Ontario from June to September 2007–2012. Similar to adult Black Redhorse and their congeners, larval Black Redhorse were most likely to be located in clean, clear, stable runs with low to moderate flow, over pebble, gravel and cobble substrate, mixed with(More)
  • Gordon W Schuett, Matthew S Grober, Edward A Van Kirk, William J Murdoch, Laura, Emory Laudon +4 others
  • 2004
Sophisticated information on reproduction and mating systems of non-avian reptiles is growing rapidly, and important advancements span a wide range of disciplineswithstanding this growth there are obvious and significant deficiencies in knowledge of certain taxa, especially in snakes. Studies of endocrine patterns in this group involve only a limited number(More)
The decisional balance worksheet (DBW), an open-ended measure of motivation to change, may be used to record the perceived advantages and disadvantages of substance use as well as alternative behaviors. Recent findings have indicated that the open-ended DBW can be quantified to validly reflect college students' level of motivation to reduce their drinking(More)
Song production in songbirds is controlled by parts of the brain known as the song control regions (SCRs). During spring, gonads increase in size, males sing to attract mates, and SCRs become larger. This neuroplasticity is controlled by the change in day length and increased plasma testosterone (T) levels. Plasma T can be reduced by stress through the(More)
  • San Luis Obispo, Craig M Lind, Craig Michael Lind, Emily Taylor, Gita Kolluru, Chad Montgomery +8 others
  • 2009
To gain a better understanding of the role of steroid hormones in vertebrate reproduction, we quantified steroid hormone concentrations in a free ranging population of the Northern Pacific rattlesnake, Crotalus oreganus. Plasma steroid hormone concentrations were quantified for both male and female snakes throughout the active season (Mar-Oct). We measured(More)
Inner Earth is a project to develop an online activity set to help children learn and think about what is inside the Earth. The child is taken on a ride in an elevator to the core of the Earth and they stop along the way to undertake certain activities involving plants, sewers, mines, fossils, convection and magma. The system was developed between ime-dia(More)
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