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The addition of l-arginine, ADMA, or SDMA did not influence the measurement of the other analytes. We also determined within-and between-run imprecision (CVs; n ϭ 10). The within-run CVs were 3.3% for l-arginine, 2.6% for ADMA, and 2.5% for SDMA. Between-run CVs were 4.7% for l-arginine, 4.1% for ADMA, and 3.9% for SDMA We also measured ADMA in plasma(More)
The autonomic nervous system is involved in different functions such as transduction of afferent sensory inputs, trophic actions, modulation of immunologic events and thermoregulation. In the present investigation, we studied the pattern of human autonomic skin innervation with special reference to its relation to blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands(More)
Uptake of 3H-taurine into bovine retina was studied. Kinetic parameters of uptake were Km = 6.3 x 10(-5) mol/l with Vmax = 43 nmol/g wet tissue x min and Km = 5 x 10(-3) mol/l with Vmax = 702 nmol/g wet tissue x min. Unlabeled homotaurine, a close structural analogue of taurine, showed only a single sodium dependent low affinity uptake with mH = 1.5 x(More)
The human movement analysis panel (HMAP) measures separable components of arm motion and simple and complex finger coordination. HMAP testing takes 30min to administer. In separate experiments we have validated the HMAP against the standard grooved pegboard and measures of gait speed, and demonstrated important learning effects over both short durations of(More)
The 3H-taurine release from rat retina evoked by electrical stimulation was studied. With monophasic pulses, the release could not be reproduced with the same retina preparation unless the stimulation intensity was increased or the electrode was placed in another part of the retina. LDH was released simultaneously with 3H-taurine. When the incubation was(More)
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