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TOPIC This article describes efforts to develop and offer supports for young adults within two clubhouse programs affiliated with the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). PURPOSE In response to a need to address service gaps and create supports to engage young adults transitioning to the adult mental health system, the authors describe(More)
BACKGROUND Older people are increasingly "in harm's way" following human-induced disasters (HIDs). There is debate in the literature as to the relative impact of disasters on their psychological health compared with other age groups. Natural disasters and HIDs are thought to affect survivors differentially, and this may extend to older adults as a group. In(More)
OBJECTIVES Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is characterized by burning of the oral mucosa in the absence of underlying dental or medical causes. The results of previous systematic reviews have generally been equivocal. However, findings for most interventions are based on searches of 5-10years ago. This study therefore updates previous searches of randomized(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Substance use disorders are associated commonly with comorbid physical illness. There are fewer data on dental disease in these conditions, in spite of high rates of dry mouth (xerostomia), as well as the associated indirect or life-style effects such as poverty and lack of access to care. We compared the oral health of people with(More)
BACKGROUND Duration and quality of sleep affect child development and health. Encouragement of napping in preschool children has been suggested as a health-promoting strategy. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to assess evidence regarding the effects of napping on measures of child development and health. DESIGN This study is a systematic review of(More)
BACKGROUND Many psychological disorders are associated with comorbid physical illness. There are less data on dental disease in common psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety in spite of risk factors in this population of diet, lifestyle or antidepressant-induced dry mouth. METHODS We undertook a systematic search for studies of the oral(More)
BACKGROUND Depot antipsychotics are commonly used to improve adherence and clinical outcomes such as relapse and readmission. Dosing regimens vary but are commonly two- and four-weekly. To date, the effect of administration at two-weekly or four-weekly intervals on outcome has not been examined in a meta-analysis. AIMS A systematic review and(More)