Emily S Levine

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We produce a detailed map of the perturbed surface density of neutral hydrogen in the outer Milky Way disk, demonstrating that the Galaxy is a non-axisymmetric multiarmed spiral. Spiral structure in the southern half of the Galaxy can be traced out to at least 25 kiloparsecs, implying a minimum radius for the gas disk. Overdensities in the surface density(More)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a powerful clinical tool that measures near infrared light backscattered from the eye and other tissues. OCT is used for assessing changes in retinal structure, including layer thicknesses, detachments and the presence of drusen in patient populations. Our custom-built OCT system for the mouse eye quantitatively images(More)
Post-translational modification by the addition of an oxoanion functional group, usually a phosphate group and less commonly a sulfate group, leads to diverse structural and functional consequences in protein systems. Building upon previous studies of the phosphoserine residue (pSer), we address the distinct nature of hydrogen bonding interactions in(More)
We describe a technique for implanting ciliary sulcus posterior chamber intraocular lenses (PCIOLs). This technique uses radial keratotomy (RK) markers to facilitate PCIOL centration, 2-point scleral suture fixation for each haptic to prevent PCIOL tilt, and partial thickness sclerotomies to prevent suture erosion. Postoperative results of 20 eyes with(More)
Rhodopsin is converted by light to an active photoproduct that triggers the transduction cascade. The active photoproduct must then be inactivated by some kind of chemical modification. The question addressed here is whether photoconversion of the inactive photoproduct to rhodopsin creates a modified form of rhodopsin that is unable to support transduction.(More)
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