Emily S Barker

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Mounting evidence from clinic and convenience samples suggests that stress is an important predictor of adverse obstetric outcomes. Using a proposed theoretical framework, this review identified and synthesized the population-based literature on the measurement of stress prior to and during pregnancy in relation to obstetric outcomes. Population-based,(More)
Canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD) is a complex infection that occurs worldwide predominantly in kennelled dogs, and several bacterial and viral micro-organisms have been associated with outbreaks of CIRD. However, few studies have comprehensively examined the species of mycoplasma present in healthy dogs and those with CIRD. As part of an(More)
OBJECTIVE Not much is known about the zoonotic transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in companion animals in the United States. We report the rate of prevalence of S. aureus and MRSA recovered from clinical samples of animals requiring treatment at veterinary clinics throughout the upper midwestern and northeastern United(More)
PURPOSE This review sought to identify and summarize the instruments adapted or developed for measuring HRQoL among young children (<8 years) living in resource-limited settings. METHODS A review of the literature was conducted in two phases. Phase one searched the PubMed, PsycInfo, Web of Knowledge (Web of Science), African Index Medicus, and SocINDEX(More)
The Walden's Paths project is developing tools to facilitate the inclusion of Web-based materials in classroom education. It currently includes components to create, present and manage paths that recontextualize information on the Web. In this paper we present the Quiz Engine, a full-featured online testing system that extends the repertoire of our tools to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine if and to what extent (i) socioeconomic disparities exist in the health-related quality of life (QOL) of children with cancer or brain tumors and healthy children; and (ii) family functioning and burden mediate the relationship between socioeconomic status and children's QOL. METHODS In this cross-sectional study,(More)
Cover photo by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Flickr user widnr). Used under a Creative Commons license. INTRODUCTION Photo by Flickr user James Hill (james_michael_hill). Used under a Creative Commons license. 5 In agriculture, policy makers, analysts and researchers often use a set of indicators to assess whether a farming system, or new(More)
BACKGROUND While most people living with HIV who are incarcerated in United States receive appropriate HIV care while they are in prison, interruptions in antiretroviral therapy and virologic failure are extremely common after they are released. The purpose of this study was to describe whether and how HIV stigma influences continuity of care for people(More)
Over a 13-month period in a newly opened assisted conception unit at the Women's Hospital, Liverpool, gamete intra-fallopian transfer using donor semen, GIFT (D) was offered to eighteen couples who had failed to conceive after numerous cycles of treatment with artificial insemination by donor semen (AID). The indication for the use of donor semen was either(More)
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