Emily R Kaplan

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Two hundred forty-one patients undergoing hemorrhoidal rubber band ligation over a five-year period were reviewed to focus on complications. Three patients (1.2 percent) were hospitalized. Two, on oral anticoagulants, recovered from bleeding complications. One patient developed a band-related abscess that resolved with drainage. Twenty patients (8.3(More)
Acquisition of scientific information regarding the neuropsychological aspects of multiple sclerosis has been hampered by studies using small, inadequately described patient and control samples and a wide array of cognitive test procedures that hinder multicenter data pooling. Based on a review of key issues of clinical need and experimental interest,(More)
The incidence of all diagnosed cases of familial dysautonomia in Israel among Ashkenazi Jews from 1977-1981 was 27/100,000 or 1/3703. This incidence is higher than that previously reported in Israel in 1967 or 8.3/100,000 (1/12,048) (Moses et al. 1967). It is also higher than that of North American Ashkenazi Jews in 1970, when the rate was 5-10/100,000(More)
The role of testosterone (T) in modulating cognitive function and emotion in men remains unclear. The paucity of animal studies has likely contributed to the slow progress in this area. In particular, studies in nonhuman primates have been lacking. Our laboratory has begun to address this issue by pharmacologically manipulating T levels in intact male(More)