Emily P. Friedman

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A deterministic pushdown store automaton ~s superdetermm~suc if it is finite delay, and whenever two accessible configurations c~ and c~ in the same state and m reading mode are taken by the same input into two configurations c, and c', m reading mode, then c, and c'_, are also m the same state and the change m stack height between c, and c_, is the same as(More)
Of 220 impotent men studied, 52 demonstrated venous leakage, 85 had arterial insufficiency and 65 showed normal vascular response. Persistent diastolic velocity > 7 cm/s diagnosed venous leakage with a sensitivity of 94% and a specificity of 69%, using cavernosography as the reference standard. Using clinical response as the reference standard maximal(More)
Physicians have traditionally held that to participate in "rationing" or resource allocation would betray their duty to advocate for everything possible for the patient. However, the record of physician behavior belies that, indicating instead that they have always rationed health care and their own time and services. Physician resistance to calls for(More)
AIM To identify the magnetic resonance (MR) morphological and enhancement characteristics of the normal and diseased nipple. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MR appearances of the nipple in 35 patients with known primary breast cancer who went on to mastectomy was reviewed by two radiologists (blinded to the clinical, mammographic and histopathological(More)