Emily Northrup

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A spontaneous mutation leading to the formation of congenital ovarian and testicular tumors was detected in the WKY/Ztm rat strain. The histological evaluation revealed derivatives from all three germ layers, thereby identifying these tumors as teratomas. Teratocarcinogenesis was accompanied by infertility and the underlying mutation was termed ter. Linkage(More)
Pluripotent cells referred to as embryonic germ cells (EGCs) can be derived from the embryonic precursors of the mature gametes: the primordial germ cells (PGCs). A homozygous mutation (ter) of the dead-end homolog 1 gene (Dnd1) in the rat causes gonadal teratocarcinogenesis and sterility due to neoplastic transformation and loss of germ cells. We mated(More)
1. Shair, H.N., Nunez, Y. & Osman, M.M. Enrichment materials do not negatively affect reproductive success and offspring survival and weight in mice. Lab Anim. (NY) 41, 14–19 (2012). 2. Hedrich, H.J. Housing and maintenance. in The Laboratory Mouse (ed. Hedrich, H.J.) (Elsevier Academic, New York, 2012). 3. Pasalic, I. et al. Cage enrichment with paper(More)
The LEW/Ztm-ci2 rat is an animal model for syndromal deafness that arose from a spontaneous mutation. Homozygous animals show locomotor abnormalities like lateralized circling behavior. Additionally, an impaired vision can be observed in some animals through behavioral studies. Syndromal deafness as well as retinal degeneration are features of the Usher(More)
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