Emily Merrill

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BACKGROUND Genome-wide experiments are routinely conducted to measure gene expression, DNA-protein interactions and epigenetic status. Structured metadata for these experiments is imperative for a complete understanding of experimental conditions, to enable consistent data processing and to allow retrieval, comparison, and integration of experimental(More)
BACKGROUND With the advent of inexpensive assay technologies, there has been an unprecedented growth in genomics data as well as the number of databases in which it is stored. In these databases, sample annotation using ontologies and controlled vocabularies is becoming more common. However, the annotation is rarely available as Linked Data, in a(More)
Identifying accurate biomarkers of cognitive decline is essential for advancing early diagnosis and prevention therapies in Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's disease DREAM Challenge was designed as a computational crowdsourced project to benchmark the current state-of-the-art in predicting cognitive outcomes in Alzheimer's disease based on high(More)
We would to like to present eXframe: a software platform for developing Semantic Web genomics repositories. eXframe is implemented using Drupal 7, an open-source PHP/MySQL based content management system. eXframe provides a user-friendly interface for researchers to enter the information about their experiments and share these with their colleagues and(More)
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