Emily McAllister

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The concentration of magnesium in serum has been shown to fall to potentially dangerously low levels after several courses of treatment with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum II (cis-platin). The aims of this study were to examine the effects of magnesium supplementation on predicted outcome of treatment, rate of response to treatment and toxicity of treatment.(More)
Generalised pruritus occurs in 25-50/ of cases of polycythaemia vera. Neither the cause nor the most effective treatment has been established. A relation with iron deficiency has been suggested and relief after iron treatment recorded.' Cholestyramine has been reported to have an antipruritic action in polycythaemia vera, which might imply an association(More)
The dearth of plasma alpha fetoprotein reference ranges for preterm infants often impairs the clinical interpretation of plasma alpha fetoprotein data collected from ill babies. This study tested our hypothesis that meaningful plasma reference ranges could be established for preterm infants by a simple correction of patient age at sampling date for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the ability of a sensitive one step urine test to detect human chorionic gonadotrophin in women with suspected complications of early pregnancy. DESIGN Test on women presenting to accident and emergency department with gynaecological problems over six months. Results were validated using a quantitative assay for human chorionic(More)
CA-125 levels were assessed prior to each of the first three cycles of chemotherapy, in 81 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer receiving first-line chemotherapy. All patients have at least 1 year's follow-up. Thirty-nine patients (48%) have progressed clinically or have died within 1 year of treatment (treatment 'failures'). Three CA-125 indices(More)
ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this to my major professor Dr. Ye and my family. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I will be forever grateful to my major professor Dr. Ye for guiding me and sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge to every stage of my project and to my further education. I will always be indebted to him. deserve my deepest thanks and(More)
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