Emily Maistrellis

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BACKGROUND Maternal mortality, although largely preventable, remains unacceptably high in developing countries such as Malawi and creates a number of intergenerational impacts. Few studies have investigated the far-reaching impacts of maternal death beyond infant survival. This study demonstrates the short- and long-term impacts of maternal death on(More)
Among Ugandan fisherfolk, HIV prevalence (with estimates ranging from 15 to 40 %) is higher than in the general population (about 7 %), potentially due to high-risk behaviors and low access to HIV testing and healthcare. We conducted semi-structured interviews on barriers to linkage to care with 10 key stakeholders and 25 fisherfolk within 1–2 months of(More)
Driven by the need to better understand the full and intergenerational toll of maternal mortality (MM), a mixed-methods study was conducted in four countries in sub-Saharan Africa to investigate the impacts of maternal death on families and children. The present analysis identifies gender as a fundamental driver not only of maternal, but also child health,(More)
We compared two community-based HIV testing models among fisherfolk in Lake Victoria, Uganda. From May to July 2015, 1364 fisherfolk residents of one island were offered (and 822 received) home-based testing, and 344 fisherfolk on another island were offered testing during eight community mobilization events (outreach event-based testing). Of 207 home-based(More)
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