Emily M. Mader

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BACKGROUND A number of studies have indicated that students lose idealistic motivations over the course of medical education, with some identifying the initiation of this decline as occurring as early as the second year of the traditional US curricula. This study builds on prior work testing the hypothesis that a decline in medical student idealism is(More)
CONTEXT Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. States and municipalities have instituted a variety of tobacco control measures (TCMs) to address the significant impact tobacco use has on population health. The American Lung Association annually grades state performance of tobacco control using the State of Tobacco(More)
Objective SUNY Upstate Medical University entered a contract with Health Research, Inc. and the New York State Department of Health to implement an intervention using academic detailing and practice facilitation to increase colorectal cancer screening rates within primary care practices, and to assess the outcomes and barriers to intervention success. The(More)
BACKGROUND An increase in prior authorization (PA) requirements from health insurance companies is placing administrative and financial burdens on primary care offices across the United States. As time allocation for these cases continues to grow, physicians are concerned with additional workload and inefficiency in the workplace. The objective is to(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Overview Community health workers (CHWs), also known as promotoras or patient navigators, have received considerable attention for their potential to improve access to and the quality of healthcare. The National Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program (NHDSP) in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlined evidence(More)
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