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The goal of our study was to determine whether some forms of counterproductive work behavior (CWB) may serve to benefit employees. Building on the stressor-strain framework and theories of coping, we investigated whether two forms of CWB, production deviance and withdrawal, serve as a means of coping to mitigate the impact of low distributive and procedural(More)
This study examined organizational levers that impact work-family experiences, participant health, and subsequent turnover. Using a sample of 179 women returning to full-time work 4 months after childbirth, we examined the associations of 3 job resources (job security, skill discretion, and schedule control) with work-to-family enrichment and the(More)
Aboriginal suicide has emerged as an issue of public concern only within the recent past. Within the last decade there has been a substantial increase from levels that were previously low. Under the shadow of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody these increases, involving primarily young adult males, raise serious questions. Two years ago(More)
Aboriginal deaths in custody have become an issue of national concern and international attention. Amongst those dying are an increasing number who commit suicide. In the heated and tense arena of this politicized debate there are many views but little to back them up. The author examines the international literature on deaths in custody, draws from work on(More)
Surprisingly little research investigates employee breaks at work, and even less research provides prescriptive suggestions for better workday breaks in terms of when, where, and how break activities are most beneficial. Based on the effort-recovery model and using experience sampling methodology, we examined the characteristics of employee workday breaks(More)
The forest shrew (Myosorex varius) is grouped with the subfamily Crocidurinae, but recent allozyme evidence suggests that it is intermediate between the Crocidurinae and the Soricinae. It also exhibits some atypical morphological features. Because the two subfamilies have different habits and levels of metabolism, we measured activity patterns, metabolism(More)
In the preceding paper information was presented on a series of recent Aboriginal suicides in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. In this paper the author proceeds to an examination of the social and historical context of these events, which have occurred in conjunction with increases in other violent behaviours. Drawing from information generated by(More)
Aboriginal suicide has become an issue receiving national attention because of the association with "deaths in custody". To date little systematic work has been directed to the investigation of suicide among a non-incarcerated Aboriginal population. This paper focuses on deaths by suicide within one geographical area. It identifies two factors, alcoholism(More)
The authors report on 37 referrals seen for psychiatric consultation during visits to various islands in Micronesia. A large number demonstrated either organic mental disorders or contributory medical illnesses. Observed differences between males and females are examined. In such cross-cultural settings, the authors emphasize the need for psychiatric(More)