Emily M Berger

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Clinical trials for systemic psoriasis therapy typically enroll healthy patients and exclude patients with cardiovascular disease, latent tuberculosis, liver disease, histories of malignancies, viral infections, children, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. Physicians often require guidance for optimum management of severe psoriasis in patients that have(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the frequency, epidemiology, clinical features, and prognostic significance of inflamed molluscum contagiosum (MC) lesions, molluscum dermatitis, reactive papular eruptions resembling Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, and atopic dermatitis in patients with MC. DESIGN Retrospective medical chart review. SETTING University-based pediatric(More)
A 36-year-old African man from Guinea with a history of albinism presented with a many-year history of scaling and erythema of the face, neck, and arms. The patient had light eyes, hair, and skin. Physical examination showed extensive photodamage. A skin biopsy specimen from the posterior aspect of the lower leg showed a squamous-cell carcinoma in situ. The(More)
Vaccines are composed of immunogens, preservatives, adjuvants, antibiotics, and manufacturing by-products. Components of vaccines may rarely elicit adverse reactions in susceptible individuals, thus raising concerns regarding vaccine safety. In this report, we add to the medical literature 3 cases of cutaneous delayed-type hypersensitivity to the vaccine(More)
Hailey-Hailey disease is an autosomal dominant skin condition characterized by waxing and waning painful and pruritic vesicles and plaques affecting the intertriginous areas. Its pathogenesis involves inherited abnormalities in a cutaneous calcium pump. Most patients are managed conservatively with topical corticosteroids as well as topical and oral(More)
Bell's palsy is an acute facial paralysis of unknown etiology. Infections including syphilis have been implicated as causes for peripheral facial paresis. The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction is an acute worsening of skin manifestations and systemic symptoms occurring after administration of antimicrobial therapy for spirochetal infections. Although rare,(More)
A 44-year-old African American woman presented with well-demarcated, pruritic and intermittently painful plaques and subsequently a diagnosis of mycosis fungoides stage IB was made. Six months after diagnosis, cutaneous tumors developed despite treatment with narrow-band ultraviolet B phototherapy. The patient failed low-dose methotrexate treatment and is(More)
A 61-year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjögren syndrome presented with a two-month history of symptomatic nodules on the buttocks and thighs that progressed to involve the dorsal aspects of the hands. On examination, infiltrative papules, nodules, and plaques were present in these regions. Biopsy specimens demonstrated granulomatous(More)
Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that can be accompanied by joint disease. Pre-biological and biological systemic therapies are effective. Dermatologists have used systemic immunomodulators including methotrexate to treat moderate-to-severe disease for over 30 years. Pre-biological agents have toxicities and side effects that can be difficult to(More)