Emily Liang

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Innate natural killer (NK) cells are diverse at the single-cell level because of variegated expressions of activating and inhibitory receptors, yet the developmental roots and functional consequences of this diversity remain unknown. Because NK cells are critical for antiviral and antitumor responses, a better understanding of their diversity could lead to(More)
OBJECTIVES Emergency medicine (EM) physicians are frequently responsible for evaluating and treating patients with urgent or emergent musculoskeletal conditions, so it is critical that they achieve a basic level of proficiency in musculoskeletal medicine. However, inadequacies in musculoskeletal education have previously been documented among medical(More)
UNLABELLED Generalized immune activation during HIV infection is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive disease, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, and physical frailty. The mechanisms driving this immune activation are poorly understood, particularly for individuals effectively treated with antiretroviral medications.(More)
BACKGROUND Infection is a leading cause of death worldwide in babies under 1 month of age. Better vaccines and therapeutics are desperately needed for this vulnerable population. METHODS Because newborns rely heavily on the innate immune system, we evaluated cell phenotype and function of some of the earliest cellular responders during infection, natural(More)
Individuals with motor disabilities often find hands-free, speech-based systems useful because they provide an alternative to traditional mouse-centered navigation. A small number of grid-based cursor control systems using speech recognition have been developed. These systems typically overlay a numbered 3x3 grid on the screen and allow the user to(More)
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