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One hundred and sixty-three breast carcinomas occurring in women aged between 26 and 44 years were examined for pathological features, oestrogen and progesterone receptor status, proliferation as determined by Ki-67 labelling and the presence of c-erbB-2 and p53 protein, and were compared with a control group of carcinomas from women in the 50-67 years age(More)
Despite the numerous benefits of physical activity, older adults continue to be more sedentary than their younger counterparts, and sedentary behavior is more prevalent among older racial and ethnic minorities than among Whites. This study used the nominal group technique (NGT) to examine participants' perceptions of what neighborhood environmental changes(More)
Variations in hysterectomy rates have been associated with assorted physician and patient characteristics, and the disproportionate rate of hysterectomies in African American women has been attributed to a higher prevalence of leiomyomas. The role of women's beliefs and attitudes toward hysterectomy and participation in decision making for medical treatment(More)
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is commonly prescribed for women to relieve symptoms associated with menopause. The medical community does not uniformly recommend HRT, and ethnic and cultural differences may influence a woman's decision to request and adhere to it. Thirty-eight African American women were enrolled in a qualitative study to investigate(More)
The objective of this study was to explore coronary heart disease (CHD) health care experiences and beliefs of African-American and white patients to elicit potential causes of racial disparities in CHD outcomes. Twenty-four patients (14 white, 10 African-American) with established CHD participated in one of four focus groups. Using qualitative methods,(More)
BACKGROUND Middle age and older (mean = 58.7 y), racial/ethnic minority women report low levels of physical activity. Recommendations to change the social and built environments to promote physical activity in this group are underdeveloped. Two research questions guided this study: What environmental changes are recommended by racial/ethnic minority women?(More)
The current study sought to identify the factors underlying physicians' decision to retire, describe the emotional impact of retirement on physicians, measure quality of life in retirement, and identify coping strategies used by retired physicians. A questionnaire was sent to all 689 retired members of the Harris County Medical Society, and 323 (47%)(More)
BACKGROUND: Complementary or discrepant stages of change for multiple risk behaviors can guide the development of effective risk reduction interventions for multiple risk factors. The objectives of this study were to assess readiness to change physical activity and dietary practices and the relationships among readiness scores for physical activity and(More)
To contribute to the understanding of the links between urban planning and school siting and, ultimately, the impact of both on physical activity, we conducted a case study of Lee County, Florida. Our study examined the extent of state-mandated collaboration between the Lee County School Board and Lee County government (e.g., the Lee County Department of(More)
OBJECTIVE Racial/ethnic differences in the rates of hysterectomy have been noted historically. The aim of this study was to explore the beliefs and attitudes of African-American women regarding hysterectomy recommended for non-life threatening conditions. METHODS Women, aged 30-65 years, were recruited from public health clinics and community agencies for(More)